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Crest's new monthly safety contest is here!


Click here for more information and questions for your chance to win!
(Contest for Crest Foods and current Man Power employees only)

New Issue of the Crest Ink!

Quality Assurance

Crest Foods sells quality products and services ... at a profit when we can, at a loss if we must ... but always quality.

Crest Foods has a reputation for quality products and service. Our total quality environment has only one focus: customer satisfaction. All of our improvement activities stem from this simple fact.

Customer Service

Dedication, professionalism, creativity and service. That's a product line to launch you into the future. Behind the Phone/At Your Service Customer Service is constantly checking the pulse of your satisfaction with Crest Foods. Bringing more than 91 years of experience with Crest Foods, the Customer Service team works together to ensure your order meets your needs in a timely and efficient manner. How We Handle Your Orders

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