There are many things corporations have in common. We all have management teams in place to serve customer needs. We all have facilities and equipment that deliver our products. Certainly these corporate assets are important. We feel these assets here at Crest Foods are second to none. However it is not what you see that makes a difference. It is what you do not see. A company’s culture is a critical factor that drives service from merely adequate to excellent.

Crest Culture is unique. It does deliver!

My family has had a hand in shaping Crest Culture for over sixty years…through three generations. We are not a division of a major corporation. We are a privately held corporation that intends to stay that way. Call me…I’ve got nothing better to do than talk with you about the Crest Difference!

Steve Meiners – Vice President

Our Crest Quality Culture Statement:

  • Maintain Customer Focus in All We Do
    Through Conviction to Quality and Flexibility.
  • Be Ethical and Fair.
  • Recognize Employees As Our Greatest Asset
    and Treat Them Accordingly. 
  • Remain Family Run and Oriented,
    and Committed to Long Term Stability.
  • Allow Rural Surroundings and Values
    to be a Positive Part of Our Corporate Image
    While Operating With High Levels of Professionalism.
  • Create Ownership For Customer Satisfaction at All Levels
    by Soliciting Ideas and Input From all Employees.
  • Innovation, Innovation, Innovation.
  • Have Some Fun!