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What types of positions exist?

Building Maintenance is responsible for 1 million square feet of facilities, including electrical, plumbing, HVAC, septic system, water heaters, wells, roof repairs.

Building Maintenance is responsible for 1 million square feet of facilities, including electrical, plumbing, HVAC, septic system, water heaters, wells, roof repairs.

Customer Service is responsible for processing orders and invoicing customers of our Stabilizer Systems and Consumer Products Divisions. This group ensures customers receive the highest quality products and services possible.

HR is responsible for all employee relations, including hiring, benefits and payroll.

IT manages our information systems mainframe, Novell networking and desktop end users. This includes all backups, programming and end-user training.

Our Machine Shop and Engineering staff designs, adjusts and constructs parts for Production machinery. Jobs include Engineer, Welder and Machinist.

Our experienced Maintenance team uses a wide range of mechanical and electrical skills to help keep our lines operating efficiently each and every day! Click here learn more.

Marketing is responsible for designing all digital and print communications, both customer-facing and internal.

The Mix team blends raw ingredients into products to be packaged in Production.

Production produces finished products on various production lines. Jobs include Line Operators, Production Line Workers, Stackers, and Forklift Drivers.

Purchasing is responsible for procuring product ingredients, production materials and general building supplies to support business at Crest Foods.

The QA team conducts tests on production lines, checking codes, verifying information and testing products, to ensure that product quality is met.

The R&D team develops and tests products in a laboratory setting. Jobs include Product Development, Lab Technicians and Research Technicians.

Our nationwide District Sales Managers serve as the direct liaison between the customer and our Stabilizer Systems internal teams. They are available for on-site meetings, plant floor assistance and strategic business planning.

Our Sanitation team ensures that all Production equipment is cleaned as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The Scheduling department is responsible for planning and maintaining the extended and daily schedules for our Contract Packaging Division. All orders, inventory, invoicing and reports are routed directly through them.

Our Technical Service team has 200 collective years of experience in the dairy and food industry, making them uniquely qualified to assist our customers with troubleshooting, product reviews, trials and training.

Our Warehouse team is responsible for receiving all incoming product, materials and ingredients, and ships all outgoing finished products. Jobs include forklift drivers, receiving, shipping and truck drivers.

Why work in manufacturing?

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our technology is constantly evolving to keep us safe, efficient and relevant to customers in the industry.

Opportunities for Advancement

In the last five years alone, we've filled at least 100 jobs at Crest Foods by promoting or hiring from within.

Teamwork and Community

Each day, 650 employees work together to move about 1 million pounds of product through Crest Foods.

Brand Recognition

We work with global companies to either package their products or supply ingredients to enhance them.

Career Stability

We've provided steady, full time jobs and benefits to the people in our communities for over 70 years!

Ongoing Innovation

From company culture to continuous improvement programs, to research and development and more!

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