A Hub of Activity

The Crest Foods Logistics Operation is where it all begins and ends if you’re a contract packaging customer. They are the voice of this division. Acting as the hub, information is filtered through them. They are the air traffic controllers of your orders, and are flexible, and capable of changes and revisions.Scheduling_081016_Web

They are in charge of the extended and daily schedule. Everyone in the plant gets a copy of the daily schedule, so everyone can tell what is running that day, from maintenance to production to janitorial staff.

Our Logistics team has over 150 combined years of experience.

You can depend on them to:

  • Follow up with you on due dates after you’ve placed your orders
  • Do all the ordering and releasing of product from your purchase orders
  • Provide daily reporting of receipts, shipments and production
  • Send you monthly inventories and provide month end reporting
  • Generate important paperwork such as QA Audit Sheets, pallet tags, dump records, and other documents to make the line run.
  • Manufacturing invoicing

In an average day we can package 800,000 lbs (~1,700,000 retail units), and this group is responsible from the beginning to the end.