Dedication, professionalism, creativity and service. That’s a product line to launch you into the future. Behind the Phone/At Your Service Customer Service is constantly checking the pulse of your satisfaction with Crest Foods. Bringing more than 91 years of experience with Crest Foods, the Customer Service team works together to ensure your order meets your needs in a timely and efficient manner.

How We Handle Your Orders

  1. Orders are placed directly with Customer Service. Call 800-435-6972.
  2. Account Specialists place orders on the production schedule.
  3. Your shipment is scheduled to arrive at a convenient time and date for you.
  4. You will receive an email acknowledgment the day after your order is shipped. Your acknowledgment contains your PO number, product, quantity, price, arrival date and carrier.
  5. Important lot number information and a packing slip are placed in a sealed envelope on a pallet for your Quality Assurance Department.
  6. If desired, your code numbers can be placed on each packaging label.
  7. Every shipment is tracked daily to assure on-time delivery.


  • Short lead times
  • Rush order system
  • Computerized customer history and product specifications
  • Custom labeling
  • Reliable supplier controlled freight service
  • Batch Packaging