Crest Foods Quality Assurance TeamCrest Foods sells quality products and services … at a profit when we can, at a loss if we must … but always quality.

Crest Foods has a reputation for quality products and service. Our total quality environment has only one focus: customer satisfaction. All of our improvement activities stem from this simple fact.

Our plant meets FDA, Grade A and Orthodox Union standards, and our microbiological laboratory is certified by the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH). We have an active self-inspection program and are routinely audited by our customers’ corporate inspection groups as well as Interstate Milk Shippers (IMS) and IDPH. We also received SQF Audit Certification in May 2016.

Simply put, quality is the cornerstone of our corporate motto. The Quality Assurance team is responsible for maintaining the high quality of products being blended and packaged at Crest Foods.

The Quality Assurance staff is responsible for ensuring that all microbiological, physical, chemical and organoleptic specifications are in compliance. Karen Yardley and the thirty plus person crew she leads are responsible for the sanitation programs that ensure food safety and food quality. These include master sanitation program, environmental sampling, pest control, water sampling, and a comprehensive product changeover procedure. The sanitation department plays a major role in the effectiveness of our allergen program as well as the self-inspection program.  


  • Corporate direction of plant-wide Quality Systems
  • Product recall system
  • Incoming ingredient sampling and positive release program
  • Product sampling and performance testing capabilities
  • Certified microbiological laboratory
  • Pathogen & Environmental Monitoring program
  • Integrated Pest Management program
  • Plant Sanitarian and Master Sanitation program
  • Licensed Pest Control Technician onsite
  • Computerized weight control system
  • Production based Inspection program trained and supported by Q.A.
  • Q.A. based Audit program ensures the effectiveness of our Quality Systems
  • Food Allergen program
  • HACCP food safety plans built on a solid foundation of GMP’s and prerequisite programs
  • Food Defense measures are in place and continue to be developed