With over 230 cumulative years of experience in the dairy and food industry, our Technical Service Department assists you in developing solutions to your challenges. With expertise in equipment, processing, sanitation and formulating, the Technical Service personnel from Crest Foods often work in 2, 3, and 4 person teams to help solve your problems. If this means spending all night in your plant and working 24-hour days, it is done willingly.

Teams composed of two to six Crest employees may spend from a couple of hours to several days training everyone from the floor employees to the plant manager. These training sessions cover virtually everything related to the production and technical aspects of operating today’s complex dairy processing plants.

We offer routine “hands on” Product Performance Reviews, perform trials on new products and conduct surveys. Crest has on staff a number of persons who are qualified to assist you with today’s labyrinth of complicated nutritional labeling and ingredient listing regulations.

At Crest Foods we pride ourselves in having the industry’s premier technical service personnel. We are ready for the challenge and would like to partner up with you.