Stabilizer Systems

Crest Foods got its start in the stabilizer area. While once focused on stabilizer systems tailored to the dairy industry, we now offer a full suite of dairy and non-dairy solutions. One area that has not changed is our belief that stabilizers are not a “one size fits all” item. Our systems are custom developed to meet individual plant manufacturing needs, ensuring the most production-efficient, cost effective and highest quality products for each and every customer.

Product Capabilities

  • Cottage Cheese Dressing Stabilizer
  • Cottage Cheese Dressing Base
  • No Fat Cottage Cheese Dressing Base
  • No Fat Cottage Cheese Dressing Stabilizer
  • Passover Cottage Cheese Dressing Stabilizer
  • Passover Cottage Cheese Dressing Base
  • Regular Cottage Cheese Dressing Base
  • 2% Cottage Cheese Dressing Base
  • Low Fat Cottage Cheese Dressing Base
  • Direct Acid Cream Cheese Stabilizer
  • Egg Nog Stabilizer
  • Buttermilk Stabilizer
  • Shake Drink Stabilizer
  • Flavored Milk Stabilizer
  • Retort Beverage Stabilizer
  • Fruit Drink Stabilizer
  • Dairy Drink Stabilizer
  • Beverage Stabilizer
  • Whipping Cream Stabilizer
  • Passover Whipping Cream Stabilizer
  • Cooking Cream Stabilizer
  • Ice Cream Stabilizer
  • Ice Cream Base
  • Sorbet Stabilizer
  • Frozen Yogurt Stabilizer
  • Frozen Yogurt Base
  • Soft Serve Stabilizer
  • Water Ice Stabilizer
  • Flavored Water Ice Stabilizer
  • Sherbet Stabilizer
  • Organic Ice Cream Stabilizer
  • Frozen Kefir Stabilizer
  • Plant-Based Protein Drink Base
  • Plant-Based Creamer Base
  • Plant-Based Dairy Alternative Stabilizer
  • Sour Cream Base
  • Sour Cream Stabilizer
  • Passover Sour Cream Base
  • Lite Sour Cream Base
  • No Fat Sour Cream Base
  • No Fat Sour Cream Stabilizer
  • Low Fat Sour Cream Base
  • Vegetable Fat Sour Dressing Base
  • Hispanic Style Sour Cream Base
  • Direct Acid Sour Cream Base
  • Latino Sour Dressing Stabilizer
  • Acidified Sour Cream Base
  • Organic Sour Cream Base
  • Yogurt Stabilizer
  • Yogurt Base
  • No Fat Yogurt Base
  • Low Fat Yogurt Base
  • Labna Base
  • Drinkable Yogurt Stabilizer
  • Whipped Yogurt Base

Our R&D resources include...

Herb Wyckoff, Ph.D.

Vice President
Research Director

Joe Loquasto, Ph.D.

Research Manager

Jeff Hacaga

Project Manager
Frozen Products

Emily Plapp

Project Manager

Blending and Warehousing


Service before and after the sale

When you call Crest Foods, you will never be greeted by an automated system. We pride ourselves on outstanding service, which means working with a live person through every step of the process…from assessing your unique project needs to placing orders and monitoring production. Your dedicated Sales and Customer Service contacts work in harmony to provide exceptional care to each and every one of our customers, whether on the phone or in-person on your plant floor!

Unlike other companies, Crest Foods has a comprehensive approach to service that extends well beyond the sale. With over 200 cumulative years of experience in the dairy and food industry, our Technical Service Team has the skills and experience necessary to help you get the most out of our products. They are available around the clock to make sure every product you purchase is performing optimally!

2020 Plant Support Hours

In-person and virtual

New Product Trials or Startups – By evaluating and monitoring the production process, we can help you produce a product that meets your target while minimizing disruption to normal operations.

Troubleshooting – We are on-hand to systematically review production, isolate factors contributing to your concerns and determine remedies for a quick and efficient return to normal production.

Ongoing Customer Training – From classroom style to hands-on training, our staff has the knowledge, experience and passion necessary to educate your team on proper production procedures.

Product Performance Reviews (PPR) – Each PPR takes place in the field, with our team of Technical Service personnel assessing every step of the production process to ensure equipment, formulas, procedures and employee practices are all at optimal levels.

Cost Savings Survey – We will work with your plant staff to uncover cost saving opportunities within a specific product or processing system. While implementation of all cost savings measures may not be possible, we will work with you to implement those that are.

Good business is about relationships and building partnerships.

We don’t sell you a generic product or service. Each member of our sales and service teams will work with you to determine how to best achieve success for your business.

If we can’t help you, we will tell you who can.